Information about the salon

Its called “interior space of Cabin”.

In airplane HondaJet this feature greater that in any other these classes airplanes. But for you and for passengers, flying with you, it is something more that just Cabin. It is a workplace, place for thinking, rest and relaxation.

Exactly on this concept the interior is based HondaJet. Designers of Honda scrupulously thought over every detail – from fully adjustable seats to a higher level lavador, as well as a number of other modern amenities.

  • Planning seats on four passengers in classic clubs configuration, plus one lateral seat
  • Folding tables
  • Cabins system (audio, climat-control and lights) operating via mobile communication device
  • Exterior Serviced Lavatory


Max space for legs in these airplanes class: space between seats in club configuration greater than 2 m